Running Away

22 Mar

Our plan was hatched a long time ago, when the reality of actually stepping on to an airplane was so distant.  There were a host of tasks that were going to be completed and visits to be made. Then, ‘nek minit’, it was our last day!  No visits to Waiheke or Tiritiri Matangi or many friends & family and still a long list of jobs not done.  I should have known better.

Once I had resigned myself to the uncompleted task list there wasn’t too much panic at the last-minute.  Packing was completed on time and we had a lovely if somewhat distracted dinner with family as we sorted out the final details.  After eating and farewells at home, Steven & Darryn drove us to the airport…


Leanne with Steven and Darryn at the airport

Fortunately, I did remember to bring the complimentary lounge passes and the time before boarding passed comfortably in the Koru Lounge.  We had also ‘purchased’ upgrades to Premium Economy for the sector to LAX and these came through making the trip reasonably pleasant.

Once in LAX we connected to Alaskan Airlines for the final hop to Portland, Oregon.  Uneventful.

We were met by Linda inside Portland Airport while Rick drove round the area because his new truck would not fit into the parking building.  It wasn’t long before we were all together again and headed for their home in Troutdale through weather pretty similar to the rain we left behind in Auckland.  I don’t recall what time we arrived at Rick & Linda’s place (note to self: write blogs while everything is fresh in mind – you know how unreliable your memory is these days!), but it must have been around 9pm local time.  We were treated to a light dinner and some catching up on news before hitting the hay reasonably early.  Aaaahhh!  Horizontal sleep.  How novel and how nice.


One Response to “Running Away”

  1. james b June 25, 2012 at 08:43 #

    Brian and leanne what a great time you are having
    . The photos of lavenda are ,well , photos of lavenda

    There are some places that belinda and I visited a couple of yrs ago Moustiers and gorge du verdon and Quinson was 15 min walk from where we stayed another villaage i forgotten the name of
    The weather was warm but the lavenda was not out only the poppies like in Spain
    so good to see them in bloom
    We are riding twice a week with Sara start at 6am so a bit cold and wet at times
    . The photos make me smile so keep them going , nice to know that its warm some where in the world . regards james

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