Wonderful Times in Oregon

23 Mar

We awoke on the morning of 22nd March feeling reasonably refreshed but noticing that the air felt chilled.  A peek out the window explained this quite clearly…

Taken through the bedroom window (hence the reflections) just after 8.30am

Apparently this 2-inch dressing of snow was remarkable for being the latest in the season that it had ever snowed in the area.  It suited us as tourists – quite a novelty.  I am sure it drew little better than cussing from the majority of locals.

After a hearty breakfast we had a walk around the snowy garden before Rick set off to work (somebody has to!) and Linda, who had taken leave from her job in Portland, took us to the Maxx station and into downtown Portland.  The trip brought us into contact with all the usual colourful types seen on public transport systems everywhere, especially off-peak as we were by this time.  Due to the pending elections, we were also canvassed by clipboard wielding Bohemians wanting us to sign this petition or that for inclusion on the ballot.  Interesting.

First stop in the city was the Apple Store and what a fright that was!  Queues out the door and security guys filtering people into the store.  I was wanting to drool over the bling on display but not desperate enough to queue for it, so we walked on by.  Then we found out what was going on; these people were queueing for the iPad 3!  We were free to enter as we pleased.  In the end I didn’t get my retail fix – but more on that later.

After a coffee and a couple of shops for the girls we headed back towards Troutdale on Maxx stopping at a Best Buy (large, consumer electronics chain store) in Gresham, next to the train station.  I was looking for a 1TB Firewire external HDD from Western Digital as a backup for the laptop.  I thought that a large outfit like this would be the place but, no.  So I went home empty handed.

Not to remain unsatisfied in my retail quest, I took to the internet.  There were other Best Buy outlets not too far away and one of them claimed online to have my prize in stock so I rang them.  Brilliant move; they had one and couldn’t find it!  I give up and turn to Amazon.  They could deliver by Saturday morning (it was now Thursday evening) and shipping was free if you signed up for ‘Premium’ service free for a month, which I did and then cancelled once my order was placed.  BTW, this HDD was $320 in NZ and I paid US$173.

I don’t know how she did it, but after running around Portland with us during the day, Linda still managed to put on an exceptional dinner for us in the evening.  How many of you have had salmon cooked with single malt scotch?  Gotcha!  It was delicious.

An after dinner movie, Tower Heist, and a single malt (or two!) downstairs in Rick’s man-cave capped off a very enjoyable day.  Sleep came very easily.

Here are a few snapshots…

Snow in the garden

Rick's new (one week old) 'get the fcuk out of my way' truck


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