Oregon Part II

26 Mar

Friday: morning was dry and clear so after some breakfast we set off for Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. By the time we got to a place called Sandy, only 15km up the road, there was still snow on the ground. By the time we arrived at Timberline the sky was cloudless, the sun was warm but all around was fresh snow. We took an early lunch at the Lodge and Linda had the most bizarre cocktail. It was a bacon infused Bloody Mary. Inside the lodge the snow was covering the windows almost completely on the bottom level. By the time we got outside again, the weather had changed. We could see clouds building and before long it was actually snowing. After a few more pictures and trampling around the snow we set off again down the mountain.

Timberline Lodge to the left and Mt Hood in the background

Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge, again

Leanne, Rick and Linda all looking the part at Mt Hood

Inside the Lodge

Linda's unusual 'Bacon Infused Bloody Mary'

Leanne being snowed on!

Next stop was Government Camp part way down the mountain. It is a ski village with accommodation and services for skiing. It looked very picturesque covered in snow.

A corner of the main street at Government Camp on Mt Hood

Leanne - what more can I say?

Saturday: At about 8.30am my new HDD arrived.  Brilliant!  No time to play with it yet though because Rick and I had a few jobs to do around outside house. The first task was to move Rick’s boat off the concrete pad so the pad could be water blasted. We also dismantled the netting fence that used to be the dog run so that the pad could be extended to accommodate the new camper.  More on the camper later.

In the evening Marybeth Young picked us up so that we could meet Eric and the rest of the family back at her place, 15 minutes away. Both Greg and Melissa were visiting together with their spouses. It was just time for a quick drink and chat before getting dropped back at Rick and Linda’s for dinner.

Sunday: was another clear and sunny day for which we were taking credit of course! Today we all fitted into the BMW and Rick drove us (with Leanne & Linda backseat driving!) to Cannon Beach on the Pacific Northwest Coast just south of the Columbia River mouth. After a walk on the beach and wander around the village we stopped for a nice lunch. On the way home we tracked up the coast to Astoria, right at the river mouth, and then followed the Columbia River back towards Portland. Because of the traffic we crossed over to the Washington side for most of the trip only crossing back again very close to Portland. I can’t remember what we did about dinner that night but I’m certain that we didn’t go hungry.

Rick, Linda, Leanne & Brian at Cannon Beach

Brian, Leanne and beach

Monday: was spent on a variety of small jobs including taking Rick’s boat into the dealer to be serviced.  The drop off included some sport with the sales guy who was trying to sell Rick a new boat.  Back at Troutdale we spent some time charging the battery and re-leveling the new camper because it had settled a little on the gravel hard standing.  The iPhone came in handy – I used an app that displays a builder’s level to help get things straight.  The camper sits on/over Rick’s new truck and looks like a great package for getting away to off the beaten track locations.  It has a slide out dining area, toilet, shower, kitchenette, multi-function fridge, aircon, TV, stereo and queen-sized bed.  And more.  Very nice.

The new camper

In the evening, Eric and Marybeth Young came over for dinner. Linda spent all afternoon preparing yet another great meal and we were all well satisfied by the time we retreated downstairs to select Rick’s cave.

There was no way we were going to be hungry after this!

Marybeth drew the short straw after dinner and got the job of picking us up at 7.30am to drive to the airport.  Naturally, since we were now leaving, the weather turned back to dreary rain.  After being concerned about morning traffic problems we had a clear run and got to the terminal before 8am.  So we farewelled Marybeth at the curb and set off to do battle with Homeland Insecurity and the airlines!


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