11 Apr

Stop: I had announced here earlier that we had purchased a car and it was to be picked up on Friday the 13th. Well, that was until yesterday when the full force of the famous French bureaucracy kicked in! The seller called James to say that he could not complete the registration in our names without a French bank account. That was a show-stopper. To get a French bank account practically means that you must submit part of your reproductive organs to the state and then they will consider allowing you to give them your money. Oh dear! James tried negotiating with the people responsible for vehicle registrations but to no avail. We were stuck.

Go: Not to be so easily defeated, James placed a call this morning to the manager of one of the two banks he deals with. Apparently if we turned up with any letter from the NZ Inland Revenue Department that showed we paid tax in NZ plus passports plus a letter from James declaring that we lived at his house plus a sample of the placenta from our first born they may be able to help us. (OK, one of those items was a slight exaggeration!) So the appointment was set for 2.30pm.

Stop: Guess what the only document was that I did not have an electronic copy of? The bloody IRD! Luckily the time difference allowed us to talk to Steven back at home and guide him to the appropriate file so he could scan and email it.

We duly arrived at the bank to be told that manager was not available but we could make an appointment for next Thursday. Shit!

GO!: OK, if that bank is not interested we’ll try James’s other bank, Société Générale. To cut it short we saw the manager who spent an hour with us filling in endless screens of information. In an all time French record we walked out in one hour with a bank account, individual Visa credit cards (€1,600 limit) and a bunch of paperwork that would make an environmentalist cringe. As a little bonus, James got a ‘finders reward’ for bringing new customers to the bank – enough to buy a small Nespresso machine!

The deal is on!


One Response to “Stop…Go…Stop…GO!”

  1. Charmian Hayes April 15, 2012 at 02:34 #

    Poor Stephen. But guess it’s a long time since he was attached to that placenta. Bit dried up I guess, hope the bank enjoyed it!!

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