Bugger Me!

12 Apr

Just when you think you have jumped through every possible burning hoop, the French bureaucracy really starts to kick in!

We turned up in Draguignan this morning at 10.30am to complete the purchase of our car, register it and change the plates for local ones (not required but for €30 we decided to do it – all plates have a 2-digit code on them that indicates which region it is registered in). We had stopped at the insurance company in Lorgues on the way to Draguignan and paid for the comprehensive cover.

The seller was happy that everything was in order so we headed for the little office in the main street where they do the plates and registration stuff. That where the wheels fell of, so to speak.

In spite of having a contract from the bank regarding our new account that specified our postal address and personal IDs, a deposit slip completed and franked by the bank and a declaration from James saying that we lived at his place it was not enough. The simple minded buggers wanted a bank statement from the bank that had been sent to our residential address.

So we have to wait for one month, until the bank sends a statement in order to formally complete the deal. In the meantime, we were told it is OK to drive based on the temporary paperwork we currently have but only for one month. It also means we cannot change the plates yet.

One very interesting thing about this little car registration office in the main street of Draguignan – they pressed plates right there in the front of the office. There was a bench to one side with boxes of dies and other gear to press a plate on the spot. Amazing.

Anyway, we have our little car. Leanne drove it back home following me in the rental car and she liked it. I then drove it into Le Luc to get some groceries and it was great. One thing we must do is get some boxes for the back because the groceries were rolling around all over the place! Tomorrow we will also return the rental car.


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