When Will It End…

27 May

Monday started off promising some excitement in spite of it raining at least a little each day since last Friday.  TVNZ’s Close Up programme was doing a feature on housesitting and we had been asked if we would agree to be interviewed via Skype.  The pitch was that we perfectly fitted the stereotype they wanted to profile along with three other housesitters.  We got everything set for 8am Monday morning, arranging lighting, tested the set up and spent more than ten minutes on the call.  Research didn’t appear to be getting in the way of creating a story – the first question was ‘how many places and in how many countries have you been housesitting?’  Hmmm.  One.  And that was well communicated before the interview.

Anyway, many of you saw what went to air on Friday evening in NZ.  About 3 seconds of us and some still pictures I had sent them.  A bit underwhelming to say the least on the basis of the interview and preparation time we had given.  However, the overall pitch they were selling on Kiwis doing housesitting came across well.

Close Up Article.  (If this link doesn’t work just search it on http://www.tvnz.co.nz)

Our friend Sue needed to go back to the UK for five weeks or so and decided to try housesitters at her place.  She has three cats and a lot of gardens and lawns, some quite new, that need watering, etc.  She ended up getting an English couple via word-of-mouth and on Monday evening we went around for a drink and to meet Chris and Mary.  They had just flown in from the UK where the weather was quite reasonable and were a little dismayed to find it bucketing down here.

Continuing on the weather, of the ten days including Friday the 18th it had rained on all but two of them and and on five days we have had thunderstorms.  Not a huge amount of rain, except for Monday when it was quite persistent, but enough to mess up plans to do anything outdoors.  By Monday night Tutu had bad cabin fever and was starting to doing crazy stuff for a 16 year-old cat.  Like darting under the couch and clawing his way around.  And playing mouse with a leaf on the floor.  So on Tuesday when there was a break in the rain we set off for a walk around the property.

Man and dog take a walk in the rain

Thursday was a total write-off for me.  The weather came good but I woke up with a migraine that didn’t let up until late afternoon.  It’s been a couple of years since my last one so that’s good but I have no idea what triggered this one.

On Friday we planned to go back to the coast to do the walk that we got rained off last week but it was so hot and humid that we cancelled.  Probably just as well because in the afternoon there was another thunderstorm and plenty of rain.

So we went first thing on Saturday instead stopping at La Garde-Freinet for breakfast on the way.  The start of the coastal walkway was at the car park at Port de Bormes.  We think that this location is a strategic military secret because we could not find a single sign indicating that it was there.  But we finally found it and set off in rather hot conditions at about 11h00.  The walk was a 3-hour out and back affair right along the coast from the port heading south.  The first part was nice beaches but after 30 minutes the beaches were either piled high with seaweed or rocks with litter all through them.  After an hour of the hour and a half to the turn-around point we flagged it away and set off back.

The Mediterranean beaches are usually very scenic

A panorama looking from north to almost south from Pointe de la Ris, towards Le Lavandou on the left

The pathway was generally well formed and varied from being on the beach to 10~15m above

Not so sure I’d like to be swimming along here

The port/marina looks all fairly new and has lots of apartments blended with it.  These places start to look all very similar.  We did wander up the headland overlooking the marina, Pointe de Gouron, that had very nice views north over Le Lavandou.

At the port, near where the car was parked – lots of big boats as usual

Looking north over Le Lavandou from Pointe de Gouron, just above the marina at Port de Bormes

We have a barely used SkyTV box here at the house but unfortunately it does not have any sport channels.  Something I will have to see to before the TDF starts!  Luckily Chris invited us to head over to Sue’s place so we could watch the Monaco F1 race this afternoon.  Its more fun to watch in company anyway.

Of course, with the rain comes lots of growth in the vineyards as well.  There are now signs of workers doing whatever they do up and down the rows.

The grapes 2 minutes down the road from home. A major change since we arrived two months ago

So there ends the week.  It ranks easily as my lowest picture count week so far on account of the inclement weather stopping us from getting out and about as much as we would have liked.  The forecast is not promising for several days yet either.  I hope it doesn’t suddenly go incredibly hot, just a modest improvement on the status quo would be nice.  Until next week…


One Response to “When Will It End…”

  1. Jeff June 2, 2012 at 05:12 #

    Hi Brian and Leanne, the closeup clip did not do you justice! Love the mediteranean photo. Eventually you get used to boobs on beaches and don’t notice them.. a sad but true fact!

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