Heat and the Olympics

5 Aug

I thought last week was quiet but it now looks hectic compared to this week!  It has been so consistently hot here that the overriding strategy is to keep out of the sun.  It is also peak holiday time here in France and that means all the northerners swarm to the south to escape their mediocre weather.  So all of the beaches are busy and you can’t park for miles around.  The locals deal with this by not going out during August if at all possible.  On Friday we as we drove to Le Luc to do our grocery shopping Leanne asked when was the last time we had used the car.  After a little thought we realised that it was when we had gone shopping a week ago.  We have never stayed so close to base for so long since we got here.

Of course staying indoors is not that difficult at the moment with all the coverage we have available of the Olympics courtesy of the BBC.  Twenty-four channels, so we can dial up just about any event.  It has been fantastic to be able to see most of the cycling and the rowing as well as parts of the swimming and the gymnastics.  Go Kiwis!

In the early part of the week I did get some work done around the property but it had to be started early and finished by 11am each day.

The side boundary at the back of the property got a good tidy up this week. Starting before 7am to avoid the heat I cut back saplings and undergrowth that had crept out 1.5~2m and was obstructing the mower

There is a total fire ban in the Var at present. It runs from 1st June till 30th September so this heap will be waiting for a while. The picture seems to make it look smaller than when standing beside it

On Saturday evening Jeremy & Jo invited us to join them for dinner.  Natty & son Tristan were there and we got to meet some more neighbours who had arrived for the summer holiday period.  Another English family and delightful company.  The rosé and conversation continued until after 2am!

Almost ready to start a delicious meal

My apologies for such a light posting this week but short of telling you about every mundane action or meal there really has been nothing much to report.  I am not sure next week will be very different if the weather forecast is any indication.


2 Responses to “Heat and the Olympics”

  1. Jeff August 5, 2012 at 23:15 #

    don’t you think you are running a serious risk of liking this lifestyle so much that the mid-life OE might never end? 🙂

    • bikernz August 6, 2012 at 05:15 #

      Your question opens an interesting insight on a different perspective. What you describe as a ‘serious risk’ we would describe as a ‘sincere ambition’!

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