Staying with the ‘Quiet’ Theme

13 Aug

Another week gone already and still very little activity from us.  As I am starting to write this at 5pm on Sunday afternoon, thunder is rumbling in the background as it also did at 10am.  Both times we had just enough big rain drops to wet the concrete but not to run off.  In between 10am and now it has been a clear and hot day again, as usual.

We had a relatively busy day on Tuesday leaving home at 7am to go to the beach at Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer.  That meant we beat the traffic and were already on the sand and settled in at 8.30am.  It turned into a very hot day but luckily there was a consistent onshore breeze to cool us.  Very pleasant.  I even ventured into the water and it was a little cooler than the pool but still very enjoyable.

Thankfully, there was a cooling onshore breeze at Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer otherwise the heat would have been too much.

One thing that we do when going to the beach is to pack sandwiches, an apple and cold drinks in a thermal bag with freezer pads.  Its really nice to have a snack and cold drink when it is so hot.  However, we seem to be the only people on the Côte d’Azur who do such a thing.  We have never seen anyone else, even families with young children, having a picnic lunch on the beach.  Its like there is a law against it!

We departed the beach by 1pm because we had some shopping and things to do on the way home.  And we were meant to be taking it easy in the late afternoon so we could enjoy a concert at L’Abbaye du Thoronet starting at 9pm.  You can probably guess how that went – busy all the time.  We got to the concert just before the doors opened so we could get a good seat and ended up right up near the front.

We had seats in the second row on the aisle so the view was perfect. The sound was awesome too of course!

The music sounded superb and even without any amplification filled the abbey.  There must have been about 250 people in total.  The pieces played were Bach: The Goldberg Variations and Schubert: String Trio.  I am not at all familiar with the music except to observe that it sounded great and was a relaxing and enjoyable evening.  This evening was one of a series of six concerts presenting different music in the abbey including an evening of Mozart flute pieces and even Gregorian chants.

Intermission at 10pm. I though I would try a shot with the camera steadied against the trunk of a large tree. Because this was an abbey there is no central door, just a door on each side.

Gonfaron is a village only ten or so minutes past Le Luc in the direction of Toulon so after breakfast on Saturday morning we headed off there for a look around.  Not much to report except for the Matra M530LX that we spotted first outside the florist’s being prepared for a wedding and later parked outside the church (the white car in the background is our little French “sports” car!).  See the photo below…

Introduced at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show was the Matra Simca M530LX, which was a minor redesign of the 530A by Michelotti. The most notable changes were the rear hatch (now made of glass and opens with struts like a hatchback) and the front bumper.
Production numbers: M530’s production ceased in 1973, a total 9,609 cars (2,062 530A, 4,731 530LX and 1,146 530SX) have been built.
No right-hand drive M530’s have been built and no known RHD conversions exist.

Like everyone, we watched our fill of the Olympics coverage again this week.  The NZ athletes have done so well and we have been getting lots of reflected kudos from the people around here that know us.  It has often been accompanied by snide remarks about the performance of the Australians as well.  Of course, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we don’t condone these sorts of comments at all.

Before lunch today we went down to the river armed with the camera and polariser to do some fish spotting.  I think these are carp, not sure, but at one stage there were eight of them all similar in size circling just too far away and too deep for me to get a meaningful photo.

I guess this one was about 5~600mm long

Another shot of the same fish, I think. There was another that was perhaps a little longer but much fatter

This is the second time I have seen a small snake swimming in the river

That’s it.  Very soon now things will start to get more active with lots of new places planned for visits so don’t forget to keep checking in.  It won’t always be this quiet!  Cheers.


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