Mediterranean Cruise and a Week in Corsica

12 Sep

I took about 900 photos while in Corsica and through an iterative culling process I have managed to reduce your burden to about 60.  That’s still a lot to upload into a single blog entry so I will split the week in Corsica into three or four posts.

The general plan went like this: Mediterranean cruise (car ferry) from Toulon to Ajaccio departing at 8am on Monday the 10th September.  Yes, we took our little white French sports car!  Spent two nights at Calcatoggio, about 40 minutes north of Ajaccio on the west coast.  Then drove to Petra Longa Salvini, a small hilltop village near Porto Vecchio, for three nights.  Finally, two nights at La Marana just south of Bastia on the NE coast.  On Monday 17th we drove via the inland route back to Ajaccio for a 9pm ferry departure back to Toulon.  Our second Mediterranean cruise docked at 8am on Tuesday.

With that context in mind, here are the first batch of photos…

Sunset over the Mediterranean taken from the beach at Calcatoggio where we spent our first two nights on Corsica.

From Calcatoggio we drove up the coast stopping at various beaches and other distractions on the way.

One of the distractions was this café where we stopped for a coffee in the morning. It had such a nice looking menu that we considered returning for dinner but we got back here too early. Never mind, it was time for a coffee and the crème brulée was excellent.

The village of Cargese in the distance. That was as far as we ventured up the western side of the island.

On the last morning we brought our breakfast from the hotel down to the beach and enjoyed it with a view.

Driving up the hill out of Calcatoggio gave some good views of the beach we had just left behind.

On the way towards Bonifacio we stopped in at Filitosa, the site of a megalithic open air museum. It is apparently 8000 years old with the earliest remnants dating to the early neolithic period. The menhirs in this photo were placed here recently after being recovered elsewhere on the site.

Having been occupied for so long there is a mixture of different installations in the park. This hilloch was called the central monument.

A collection of menhirs around a 1000 year old olive tree.

After Filitosa we hit the coast and found a place to have lunch – very pleasant.


2 Responses to “Mediterranean Cruise and a Week in Corsica”

  1. Jeff September 24, 2012 at 04:52 #

    Magnificant photos! The stairway down to the grotto was closed for maintenance when I visited. Probably was lucky given the number of steps!!

    • bikernz September 24, 2012 at 07:24 #

      I don’t know what maintenance they could have done. The handrails are still rusting apart and falling off! It is steep enough that you need the handrails to pull yourself up.

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