Corsica Service Pack 2

13 Sep

This post is mostly covering Bonifacio which is located at the southern tip of Corsica.  After driving to the hilltop B&B at Petra Longa Salvini on Wednesday 12th we spent all of Thursday in and around Bonifacio.

After breakfast on Thursday morning we took the back road from our B&B in the hills towards Bonifacio. We found this character along the way and I just had to stop for a photo figuring that it was unlikely that he would actually shoot me. Turned out that his mates were in the bush clad valley to the right hunting sanglier – wild pigs. They already had 3 for the morning and by the sound of the dogs there were going to be more.

The citadel in Bonifacio viewed across the harbour. The harbour is located about 500m from the headland so it is very protected.

Walking along the boats we did a double take at ‘Auckland, NZ’ so we stopped and said hello. John & Penny were from Parnell and knew some of the Kiwis from around Le Thoronet! Small world.

Looking back into the harbour from the citadel.

The southern shoreline is all limestone cliffs like these ones which extend to the east.

King of Aragon’s Stairway was cut into the cliff to provide access from the citadel to a grotto where fresh water was available.

The view into the grotto didn’t show much so here is the view to the west along the limestone cliffs.

At the bottom of the steps it is still ~200m of path like this before reaching the grotto.

The 187 steps are quite steep, 47˚š according to my rough measurement. My gluts were burning before the top!

The entrance to the harbour, looking west.

The round tower is The Torrione. It was built in 1484 on top of another building which was built on top of another building… you get the idea. The oldest foundation is apparently 9th century.

An elaborate cemetary that looked more like an upmarket housing estate for small people.

Sardinia is just visible in the distance. FIRE!

Leanne had just bought a postcard and for some reason felt compelled to write on it while I paused to photograph something. Strange.

Impressive rampart walls with completely covered sections.

And this is what the stone work looked like on the interior. Beats me how they keep it standing.

This was well off the main roads winding down to an isolated beach near Bonifacio. Several hundred metres of drystone walls with some of it over 2m high.

Sunset from our B&B in the hills near Porto Vecchio at Petra Longa Salvini.

That’s it for this instalment.  There’s more in service pack 3!


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