Corsica Service Pack 3

15 Sep

This post covers the time we spent in and around Porto Vecchio and the drive up to Bastia via Corte.

While I remember, there are a couple of observations I wanted to note:

1. We stopped just down the road from the B&B at Petra Longa Salvini to take a couple of photos on Friday morning.  We were surrounded by bush, rocks and mountains.  Yet there was no birdsong.  Everything was silent.  It was unusually quiet.

2. Roadsigns indicating the next towns are reasonably numerous but they very rarely give a distance.  I wonder why?

3. The main roads are generally very good considering the terrain they pass through.  Only one lane each way but with adequate passing bays, good lookout points and in excellent repair.  Of course the side roads vary from that standard all the way down to ‘tracked-vehicles only’ as you will find anywhere.

4. When we were there, having dinner al fresco at a beachfront café at dusk was not a great idea.  You simply get swarmed by mosquitoes.  It’s just a slight exaggeration that they have mosquitoes the size of small sparrows!  Damned unpleasant.  They even managed to bite me through my jeans.  It was a case of scoff, pay and run.

Starting at Porto Vecchio…

Looking across some of the salt marshes at Porto Vecchio.

All the city vehicles and buildings were displaying signs like this announcing that Porto Vecchio will host the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in 2013.

Some beaches near Porto Vecchio…

A beach near Porto Vecchio but this area was covered with some pretty interestingly shaped rocks and boulders.

It wasn’t all rocky though. The weather was also a bit dodgy with ocassional lightning flashes in the distance.

Ominous clouds not appearing to have any impact on these sun seekers.

Taken from above the same rocky beach, this views shows just how close we were to Sardinia.

A national passtime in Corsica appears to be the defacing of signs that have French versions of placenames on them or failing that, any with Italian versions. Aerosol paint was another weapon of choice.

On the road up to Corte this just seemed like a picture that had to be taken. Just to the right was a stone bridge but I had to cut photos somewhere and I am afraid it didn’t make it.

This is now in Corte…

The citdel in Corte sits very high above the town.

We passed this shop on our way back down the hill to the centre of town and liked the look of the fresh grapes. Leanne went inside to pay while I waited outside.

When Leanne came out she told me it was worth a look. If the outside looked cluttered and eclectic I don’t know how to describe the inside. Reminds me of Arkwright.

This has to be some of the most primitive plumbing I have ever seen. It connects to the sewer, has flower pots on the ends and has pieces missing on the way down. Amazing.

Spotted on the roadside not far from Bastia. Not a bad collection although I am not to sure about the colour.

If you are still hanging in there, service pack 4 should wrap up our week in Corsica.


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