Corsica Service Pack 4

18 Sep

The final instalment.  Starting in Bastia on Saturday afternoon, visiting Saint-Florent on Sunday and driving down to Ajaccio on Monday.

The harbour of Bastia.

Sunday – up and over the hill to visit Saint-Florent…

Corsica is quite narrow at the level of Bastia so on Sunday we headed up over the hills to Saint-Florent on the other side. On the way we took a minor side road from wherre this panorama was shot looking towards Saint-Florent.

To complete the scene, we were then joined by one of the local cows that wandered out of the heather.

Also at the same location, another manifestation of the national penchant for shooting things.

At the top of this minor road was a military communications installation. There were also a couple of hiking trails. We started along one of them to check the view. This is looking down on Bastia.

Facing SSE is the long beach and estuarine lake beyond which was the hotel we were staying at.

This was definitely goat country.

Beyond that six-peaked ridge was Saint-Florent, our destination.

Looking from the harbour in Saint-Florent back up the hill from where we had come.

Near Saint-Florent – that is not a rock face, it is ~1.5m thick pile of seaweed. We did read that at this time of year the seaweed beds do release a lot of leaves that all get washed up on the beach. This is extreme.

On the road towards Ajaccio…

On Monday we needed to end up in Ajaccio for our ferry at 21h00 so we took the inland road. I lost count of how many villages we saw or drove through. This representative shot is Prato-di-Giovellina.

This is Castiglione nestled into an incredible backdrop of peaks.

We took a there-and-back side trip to look at this scenic gorge.

Soveria – another irresistible photo opportunity.

What can I say? Another one, this time Santo-Pietro-di-Venaco. Looking across the valley from this point we could see 9 different villages.

Overlooking the harbour of Ajaccio.

Ajaccio looking NE across the harbour.

This is a serious game!

Our last view of Corsica taken from the ferry as we sailed at 21h00 to arrive in Toulon at 08h00+1.

So, what conclusions?

1. While clearly not as economically vibrant as the mainland, Corsica is a very scenic place to visit.

2. As mentioned, the quality of the main roads is very good especially considering the terrain.

3. At least in September, the mosquitoes near the coast are an issue to be prepared for.

4. You need more memory cards for your digital camera than you currently own.  I went with 24GB and had to buy another 16GB.  Luckily I found a Panasonic brand, class 10, 16GB SDHC for ‘only’ €20.

5. From a New Zealander’s perspective, Corsica seems to be a hybrid of the West Coast, Central Otago, East Cape, Waiheke and Northland.

That pretty much wraps up my coverage of Corsica.  Join me again soon when I get back to more mundane happenings closer to home.  I have a feeling that my next post will be fairly short.

And if you have time, give a toss or feel at all inclined, please let me know what you think of the presentation I have used here with mainly captioned photos and less blurb.  It certainly is easier for me because I can incrementally create the captions in my photo management application (Aperture on the Mac) and then export to be uploaded to WordPress (the blog).  Just put your feedback in the comments.  It would be appreciated.  Thanks.


5 Responses to “Corsica Service Pack 4”

  1. Jeff September 24, 2012 at 04:55 #

    More more more! Love the photos. What a fabulous place where you can close your eyes and point your camera at a random point and 9 times out of 10 get a great photo 😉 Captioning works well! Cheers

  2. Tarina September 23, 2012 at 21:45 #

    Hi ya, I find it entertaining and informative either way….nice work! 🙂

    • bikernz September 23, 2012 at 21:49 #

      Thanks Tarina. Funny how the visits to my blog go up as the NZ work week starts! 😉 I’ll try to keep it entertaining for you to help you and a few other people through Mondays.

  3. Holden September 22, 2012 at 19:28 #

    I like the new format – easy to digest, easy to get place names, easy to ask you for more detail if we need it. Go with what works, don’t make this blog a chore! 🙂 Make it a low-maintenance, shared photo album!

    • bikernz September 22, 2012 at 19:43 #

      Thanks Holden. Glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate the feedback.

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