Waking Up In Another Season

4 Nov

I have finally started reading Peter Mayle’s excellent book, ‘A Year In Provence’.  In it he describes the Provençal change of seasons as follows, “…you go to bed in one season and wake up in another.”  This is exactly what has happened this week.  I mentioned last week how it changed from Saturday to Sunday; well, it got more emphatic on Monday when we awoke to everything coated in frost.  The thermometer under the shelter of the terrace read -3˚C.  Seriously cold after the previous week.  It only got up to about 7˚C on Monday and there was a breeze making it very chilly.  We then had some warmer days with clear skies before light rain set in at the end of the week.  We have had the fire going most evenings so the cottage has been very cosy.

You have probably figured out from the previous paragraph about the weather that I don’t actually have a lot to write about this week.  However, although there is nothing much specific to write it is quite a significant week for us.  Sadly and with some excitement, it has been our last week here at Les Fadons.  We are moving on, first to a little road trip to Barcelona followed by a flight to Lisbon before returning to the Var around 18th November.  What happens after that will be revealed as it gets closer – things have a way of morphing so it is safer to stay silent until we are more certain.

So we have been packing and cleaning and getting the car serviced (oil and filters, usual stuff) and generally preparing to vacate.  I think we had a break-in last night because when we came to pack today there was all this extra stuff in the cupboards!  So in addition to the two bags we arrived with, we now have three banana boxes full of extras.  Admittedly 95% of it was food and things we will not be taking with us when we leave Europe so its not as bad as it looks.  Thankfully.  So far we have managed to not accumulate a lot of new possessions.  We have replaced some shoes and clothes that have worn out but that’s it.  Very successful, I’d say.

The Olive Cottage that has been home for a whole seven months.  It has been a great way to get started on our adventure and it would have been very comfortable to just stay here.  But that was not the point of coming to Europe.  While we wanted to stay in places long enough to get to know things better than possible as a tourist we also wanted to experience a variety of places and everything that goes with them.  Hence the need to get out of our comfort zone and move on.

By the way, I am almost halfway through the book and although it was written some 20 years ago I can attest that most things he describes about the little challenges of adopting the French lifestyle have not changed.  In places he relates scenarios that we have had almost word for word.  Interesting, reassuring, scary – all at the same time.

While we are away for the next two weeks I will try a couple of different methods to drop in the occasional update but, like this week, will probably be fairly light on photos.  I’ll see what I can do.  Before I forget I will set my camera back to record JPG files as well as RAW so I have some reasonably sized images to share while on the road.

I can’t hit the ‘publish’ button without a single picture, so…

About the only pictures I took this week were on Monday afternoon on a walk by the river with Tutu.


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