Internet Problems

20 Nov

It has been too long since I managed to post an update.  We have been away to Barcelona, Lisbon and a few places on the way there and back.  Yesterday we moved into new digs.  We are staying at Jeremy & Jo’s summer rental villa near Carcès.  It is quite remote but a very tranquil and pretty location.  One thing it does not have is ADSL (or better) so Jeremy had satellite broadband installed especially.  The supplier is Nordnet and the service is advertised as being 10Mbps down and 0.384Mbps up with no data cap.  We thought we could live with that.  The problem right now is that using an internet performance test, we are getting 0.24Mbps down and 0.07Mbps up.  No risk of ever hitting a data cap of any description at those speeds.  It is under-performing by a factor of 40!  Practically unusable except for very short emails.  There is definitely something wrong and I am guessing it is to do with the dish installation.  It will be ten days before we can even start to get this seen to because Jeremy & Jo are now away on holiday.

So uploading photos and posting a blog is not looking too promising at the moment.  I am still working through the 700 or so new pictures from the last two weeks and writing captions.  I have also got reasonable notes ready to turn into the text of a blog.  I might end up visiting a friend with better broadband in order to get some posting done.

Bear with me.  This will get sorted and hopefully before too long.


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